21.05.15 /
Foodies’ Challenge 2015
Expo Synergy organizes Foodies’ Party at Marazzi showroom, in Milan via Borgogna 2 DAP studio, guest of the Foodies’ Library, presents the book Total Living >>>

14.05.15 /
Perspective in Milan
DAP studio participates in the Perspective Forum 2015, which this year is held, for the first time, in Milan on 19th and 20th of May at MIco Milano Congressi >>>

05.05.15 /
Residential building in Milan
We have completed the construction of the residential building in via Bellincione in Milan, result of the transformation and enlargement of a 1960s preexistence >>>

29.04.15 /
DAP studio on “Spécial Italie”
The French magazine Residence Decoration publishes, on May/june issue, a special edition on Italian architecture >>>

22.04.15 /
DAP studio on Room135 magazine
The Russian magazine publishes Sempla offices >>>

12.03.15 /
Competition on invitation in Dettingen
The team composed of DAP study, Mauro Manfrin, 2Plan and the German firm Gabele & Raufer has been invited to participate in the competition for the ''Urban regeneration of Dettingen and residential elderly care facility''

03.03.15 /
Milano Residenze
The first apartments of Milano Residenze Holiday Houses have been inaugurated in the east of Milan >>>

16.02.15 /
The Cool Dublin, Italian and Irish creatives
The magazine Le Cool Dublin promotes a series of meetings between Italian and Irish creatives Designgoat from Dublin interviews DAP studio in Milan and visits the Sempla headquarter in Turin

27.10.14 /
Course of the late twentieth century History, Politecnico di Milano
Elena Sacco presents the work of DAP studio as part of the course taught by Maria Vittoria Capitanucci >>>

29.09.14 /
Social Housing
DAP studio has been commissioned to develop two Social Housing projects in Liguria

15.07.14 /
Daria Town Residence, Ulaanbataar
We have presented the Masterplan of a new residential area in Ulanbataar commissioned by Bayasakh Trade LLC >>>

26.05.14 /
International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia 2014
The Elsa Morante Library has been selected by Cino Zucchi, curator of the Italian Pavillion for the exhibition “Innesti/Grafting”. The Pavilion as a whole will demonstrate the wealth and stratification of the Italian landscape and the ability to interpret signs from the past by the protagonists who have contributed the most to its transformation into a contemporary country. >>>

26.05.14 /
Residential building for 60 small apartments, Milano
DAP studio presents a residential project in Milan, planned as part of a competition on invitation >>>

23.05.14 /
Music Centre, Cassano d'Adda
The project of the Music Centre in Cassano d'Adda has been completed. >>>

22.05.14 /
Perspective, 02th -04th june 2014, Venice
DAP studio will participate in Perspective, the Architecture International Forum organized by The Plan

30.04.14 /
Swiss&Global published on Archello
Another office building designed by DAP studio published by Archello, platform for architecture and design >>>

29.04.14 /
The Sempla Headquarter in Turin on Archello
Archello webzine has just published the offices in Turin published by DAP studio for Sempla >>>

14.04.14 /
The Industrialists Union of Varese Province presents the Castellanza Civic Library
The project by DAP studio published, this month, on the Union magazine >>>

05.04.14 /
Villa Necchi Campiglio, DAP Studio participates in the FAI fund-raising
From 8th to 13th of April 2014, exhibition and sale of images, sketchs, drawings and pictures by architects, designers and illustrators: real and imaginary representations, visions and views about Milan. >>>

05.03.14 /
Italia per Interni - Manifesti per la Cultura dell’Abitare
Four architects selected by the curators Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo: DAP studio presents the project for the Music Centre in Cassano d’Adda Vernissage 6th March, 6.30 pm , SPAZIOFMGPERL'ARCHITETTURA, Via Bergognone 27 >>>

04.03.14 /
Exposinergy meets people of architecture
DAP studio and Israel Alba take part in the first conference “On the road to Expo” organized by Exposinergy. 7th March, 5.30 pm, Triennale di Milano >>>

01.02.14 /
Architektur publishes DAP studio
The Austrian magazine Architektur publishes the Elsa Morante Library on the February/March issue 2014 >>>

03.01.14 /
DAP studio on Catálogodiseño, Visibilidad Creativa
DAP studio has been published by Catálogodiseño, a digital contents media about Design Culture based in Santiago, Chile >>>

22.12.13 /
Designboom's BIG stories of 2013
Elsa Morante Library is one of the year's best in architecture, design, technology and art selected by designboom >>>

03.12.13 /
The architectural tour of Lombardy by Ottagono, on the December/January issue
The Castellanza Civic Library is one of the project selected by Ottagono, the focus is about the recent architecture in Lombardy, a seismograph region of the real Italy >>>

20.11.13 /
DAP studio selected by the Fraunhofer Institute
DAP studio has been invited by Fraunhofer Institute to participate in the competition for the new Conference and Residential Centre in Benediktbeuren, close to Munich. Fraunhofer is the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe >>>

02.10.13 /
Our project awarded by Denklingen Jury
Third prize to DAP studio, studio 2MA and the landscape architect Giuliana Gatti for the new municipal building in Denklingen >>>

01.10.13 /
Sempla HQ Turin selected by Sybille Kramer for Rough Interiors
SeThe book, published by the Swiss Braun Publishing, presents 55 projects whose designers used the existing historic substance as the basis for their creative processes. The magic of patina and traces of the past are maintained and deliberately integrated into the design concept.mpla HQ Turin selected by Sybille Kramer for Rough Interiors >>>

23.09.13 /
Visit to Sempla Offices
The Urban Center Metropolitano in Turin and Zeroundicipiù present the new guided tours to discover the latest projects in and around Turin. On September 26th, the visit to Sempla Offices in Corso Regio Parco 15. Free tours, reservations required >>>

19.09.13 /
IX Conferenza del Colore, 19th -20th of September
The Gritti Center of Ranica is a case history presented by Barbara Ferrari at the IX Conferenza del Colore at the University of Florence >>>

15.09.13 /
Sempla HQ on AMC Intérieurs 2013
The offices Sempla in Turin have been published by the prestigious French group Le Moniteur on the annual AMC Intérieurs 2013, which presents a complete overview of the most important trends in the field of interior design (museums, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels) >>>

31.07.13 /
Swiss&Gloal on
Swiss&Global Offices is published this month in the Architecture Section of the webzine >>>

19.07.13 /
DAP studio selected for the competition Kindergarden Kita-Mitte Kiritz
The city of Kiritz, near Berlin, appointed Dap studio to come up with a proposal for the redevelopment of an old block and the design of the new Kindergarden

17.07.13 /
ARCHI publishes Elsa Morante Library
ARCHI is the Magazine of Italian Switzerland that deals with architecture, engineering and urban planning and is the official organ of publication of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA >>>

18.06.13 /
Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture: silver medal to the Gritti Civic Center in Ranica

07.06.13 /
DAP studio selected for the competition of the new City Hall in Denklingen
Denklingen, a city near Monaco, is set in a landscape of great value. The Town Hall will house the municipal offices and public spaces for the community

23.05.13 /
Ninan Kurien interviews DAP studio for Edition29 Architecture
Edition29 ARCHITECTURE (Los Angeles) is the leading architecture magazine created specifically for the Tablet Platform and focused on showcasing the new generation of architects and their creations through cinematic photographic storytelling, photographs, audio commentaries, video, text >>>

30.04.13 /
DAP studio on Archdaily
Sempla HQ, Gritti Civic Center and Elsa Morante Library published on Archdaily, this month Archdaily, with more than 7 million readers every month and channels in English, Spanish and Portuguese, is an important online source of continuous information for a growing community of architects >>>

16.04.13 /
Book launch of TOTAL LIVING. DAP STUDIO, editorial project by Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo, graphic design by Tankboys, 22publishing Milan Frigoriferi Milanesi, via Piranesi 10, 16th of april 2013, 7 pm >>>

04.04.13 /
A.prize 2012. Exposynergy awards architecture
The Gritti Civic Centre by DAP studio and Paola Giaconia is one of the ten finalists The Award Ceremony is on the 23th of april at the Triennale di Milano >>>

02.04.13 /
Sempla Offices on Zeroundicipiù
Zeroundicipiù, critical platform about contemporary architecture, has published Sempla Offices project by DAP studio >>>

29.03.13 /
DAP studio on Archilovers
Archilovers web site publishes news on OAB Award and presents the awarded Bridge on Serio project >>>

27.03.13 /
Scout Mevaco Award to Elsa Morante Library
The German Company Mevaco has awarded DAP studio for the project of the perforated aluminium facades >>>

22.03.13 /
Deezen publishes Elsa Morante Library
The project by DAP studio published in the English magazine >>>

17.03.13 /
Sempla Offices on Deezen
Deezen magazine publishes Sempla Offices by DAP studio >>>

17.03.13 /
DAP studio winner of the OAB Award 2012/Architecture and Landscape
Also this year DAP studio wins the OAB Award for the best public project with the Bridge on Serio river. The project was made in collaboration with Paola Giaconia and Alessandro Rocca for Nembro Municipality The jury was made up of Giulia D’Apollonia, Gianni Massa, Laura Giannetti, Vittorio Pizzigoni (Baukuh, Milan), Marytin Rein-Cano (Topotek, Berlin), Joseph Acebillo (Barcelona), Ricardo Bak Gordon (Lisbon) >>>

04.03.13 /
The Civic Centre Gritti on Domus Web
The Ranica Cultural Centre is published on Domus Web homepage >>>

01.03.13 /

Today at 6 pm at LAC Mantova, lectures by DAP studio and Abda after the exhibition opened in December >>>

14.02.13 /
Learning/transforming slums
Today conference at the Politecnico of Milan aula Rogers, organized by Camillo Botticini, Paolo Danelli, Paolo Pasquini, Germano Rovetta, Matteo Facchinelli >>>

05.12.12 /
Site and Architecture, buildings in a common landscape
06/12 - 06/01 At the Architecture Gallery in Mantova exhibition about DAP studio, Abda, Iascone and Arkpabi >>>

04.12.12 /
Site history and new project
On the 6th of December, 3 pm, at the Politecnico of Milan, room U2, a workshop with DAP studio organized by Prof. Marco Lucchini >>>

20.10.12 /
Ex Enel area competition
DAP studio has been invited in the competition for the public spaces in Ex Enel area, Milan >>>

16.10.12 /
Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 2012
Award ceremony and opening of the projects exhibition today at the Triennale

27.09.12 /
Innovation and development in a post-industrial context
Today Sempla opens its offices in Turin to the public with a meeting on Innovation and development in a post-industrial context. At the event the monography Sempla Turin Headquarter will be presented >>>

05.09.12 /
Monography Sempla Turin Headquarter
The monography about Sempla Turin headquarter, designed by DAP studio, has been published The editorial coordination and scientific editing is by Viapiranesi. >>>

01.08.12 /
DAP studio is the winner of the competion “The creative office”
The project of Sempla Headquarter in Turin designed by DAP studio has been awarded by the promoters of the competition “The creative office”: the architecture magazine The Plan and the companies Bene, Zumtobel and Kvadrat. >>>

01.07.12 /
My home magazine
The Taiwan Interior design and life style magazine My Home publishes in July and August two projects of houses designed by DAP studio

21.06.12 /
Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 2012
The Jury of the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture Award, chaired by Ennio Brion, decided that the Civic Center Roberto Gritti designed by DAP studio and Paola Giaconia is one of the short-listed finalists . The Awards Ceremony will take place on the 16th of October at the Triennale di Milano >>>

12.06.12 /
International competition for the Central Library in Monza
A special mention to the project made by DAP studio grouping with alterstudio partners >>>

12.06.12 /
TBC Bank new head office, Georgia
DAP studio has been invited by TBC Bank to participate in the restricted competition for the TBC Bank New Head Office in Tbilisi, Georgia >>>

06.06.12 /
Today, in the Benetton Store in Perugia,opens the exhibition IN/ARCH x FESTARCH “IN/ARCH – ANCE 2011 Award, the best last five years projects.” DAP studio participates in the exhibition with the Ranica Civic Center. >>>

13.05.12 /
Interarch 2012, Sofia
DAP studio participates, from the 13th to the 17th of May, at the World Triennial of Architecture Interarch 2012 in Sofia. 162 Projects and Built Works have been submitted from 11 countries from almost all-geographical regions of the world. An international Jury awarded some of the submitted projects. The Civic Centre Roberto Gritti designed by DAP studio has been awarded with the Special Prize of the Union of Architects in Russia and the Interarch Silver Medal >>>

27.03.12 /
Nutriaid 2012: save the date
Also this year the usual appointment in support of Nutriaid. The funds raising event will be on the 15th of May at Frigoriferi Milanesi >>>

20.03.12 /

Meraviglia Italiana, project by the National Youngs Forum for the Unità d’Italia 150th anniversary, has included, in its web site, the Ranica Civic Centre >>>

16.03.12 /
DAP studio is on Mirrors, the Abitare. it section dedicated to architects and designers from Italy and all the world >>>

12.03.12 /
Re - Real Estate publishes Swiss&Global Headquarter
The Portfolio section of the Economics and Estate magazine is given, in march’s issue, to Swiss&Global Headquarter >>>

11.03.12 /
Europaconcorsi interviews
The interview with Elena Sacco and Paolo Danelli, DAP studio associates, in on line on Europaconcorsi web site >>>

01.03.12 /
LABORATORIO ITALIA: Work in progress, 24Ore web site, presents Swiss&Global offices with an article on the newsletter 8/12 ''LABORATORIO ITALIA: Work in progress'' >>>

16.02.12 /
Learn for Life: New Architecture for New Learning
The new book published by Gestalten from Berlin presents architectures about Learning. DAP studio is included with the Library Elsa Morante >>>

15.02.12 /
The new Sempla Headquarter inTurin
Inaugurated in Turin the new offices of Sempla company designed by DAP studio The project has been photographed by Barbara Corsico

06.02.12 /
The single-house in Capriate San Gervasio published on Casa Naturale
On february’s issue of Casa Naturale magazine, Claudia Capperucci with the article “Architetture Possibili” presents the single-house project in Capriate San Gervasio >>>

26.01.12 /
An article about DAP studio on the issue number 39 of IoARCH magazine

12.12.11 /
Swiss&Global Headquarter on
The project of Swiss&Global offices in on line on >>>

22.11.11 /
Competition on invitation for the Monza Central Library
DAP studio, grouping with alterstudio partners, is one of the ten studies invited to participate in the contest for the design of the Monza new Central library >>>

22.11.11 /
Publication on Lifegate web site
Lifegate web site presents, in the “Architecture” section, the single-house in Capriate San Gervasio designed by DAP studio >>>

20.11.11 /
DAP studio on “Modulo”
The magazine “Modulo” publishes in the issue No. 373 of November a comprehensive article by Rodolfo Bianchi dedicated to Elsa Morante library

16.11.11 /
Piran days of architecture
Inaugurates in Piran, Slovenia, on 26 November the international architecture exhibition Piranesi. Again this year, DAP studio has been invited to participate with the project of the Center of Ranica Gritti >>>

08.11.11 /
VedovaMazzei at Politecnico di Milano
The artistic duo VedovaMazzei, at the invitation of Paolo Danelli, speak of their work to the students of the laboratory of Design III annuity. At the Faculty of architecture, Leonardo House G2 hours 14.30

18.10.11 /
The newspaper “Libero” reports in today’s issue the award Philippe Rotthier to Dap studio

15.10.11 /
The newspaper “Avvenire” reports in today's issue the award Philippe Rotthier to Dap studio

05.10.11 /
ofARCH pubblishes Elsa Morante library on number 119
“Harmonious unity for contemporary poetry “, with this article Elviro Di Meo presents the project of the Civic library of Lonate Ceppino

24.09.11 /
Milano Finanza
DAP studio on “Milano Finanza” with Rotthier prize

22.09.11 /
Elsa Morante Library on “Il Giorno “
The newspaper “Il Giorno” publishes in today's issue an article on the prize Rotthier awarded to the Library Elsa Morante

15.09.11 /
Philippe Rotthier European Prize to Elsa Morante library
The project was awarded for “the quality of its architectural plan, the control of the volumetric contrast, the beauty of contrast between contemporary and ancient volume” During the award ceremony to be held in Brussels on October 15, 2011 at the Architecture Museum – La Loge, the exhibition of selected projects will be opened and the catalog will be presented >>>

15.07.11 /
Two new publications for Ranica
Cultural Center, in Interni & Decor (Korea), july 2011 Skin Deep, in Azure (Canada), june 2011

10.07.11 /
Ranica Civic Centre on “Paesaggio Urbano”
The magazine devotes an extensive article to Roberto Gritti in the issue of July/August 2009

14.06.11 /
Ranica Civic Centre on Nikinen Design & Co
DAP studio project on the on line zine about creative activities in the world >>>

24.05.11 /
In/Arch award – Ance 2011
Today is the opening of the illustrative exhibition of selected works at the Ance headquarters in Rome. DAP studio is one of the studios highlighted with the Elsa Morante library of Lonate Ceppino

24.05.11 /
Perspective 2011, Venice Lido 25-28/05
Again this year DAP studio participates in “Perspective”, an event organised by the magazine “The Plan” and directed to architects, corporations, and developers

20.05.11 /
Workshop “Designing sustainability 5 “, Florence
DAP studio participates as a speaker in the workshop WSD “Designing sustainability 5 “ which will be held in Florence from 26 to 31 May. Promoter of the initiative AND “Progetto Sapere” >>>

15.05.11 /
Two new publications for Ranica
Yearn for City life, in a+a Magazine (CHINA), april 2011 Culture matters, in Perspective (HONG KONG), may 2011

05.05.11 /
ofARCH pubblishes the Ranica Civic Centre on number 118
With an article by Elviro Di Meo the magazine discusses the project in the section 'Architecture'

27.04.11 /
Magazine “The plan” presents Roberto Gritti Centre in Ranica
Magazine “The plan” opens today the section “Panorama” with the presentation of Ranica Civic Centre curated by Francesco Pagliari >>>

15.04.11 /
When municipalities bet on Culture
With this article the Insideart april number presents the Gritti Civic Centre in Ranica

10.04.11 /
DAP studio on Namas ir aš – number 120
The Lithuanian monthly architecture publication Namas ir aš dedicates in April an article to the Civic Center of Ranica

28.03.11 /
Ranica’s Civic Centre on M.E. Design Magazine web site
M.E. Design Magazine is an online contemporary design zine covering the latest news from the worlds of architecture, arts, fashion. >>>

28.03.11 /
Ranica Civic Centre in e-architect World Architecture section
e-architect is the English web site run by architect Adrian Welch and Isabelle Lomholt. >>>

26.03.11 /
Transparencies that enhance spaces
IO architetto presents the Gritti Centre on the last issue

24.03.11 /
DAP studio on Progetto&Pubblico, February
Progetto&Pubblico, the Oice official magazine, dedicates the cover and an article to the Library designed for Ranica Municipality >>>

23.03.11 /
Ranica Cultural Center, the project of the month on Il Giornale dell’Architettura n.5
Il Giornale dell’Architettura n.5 magazine dedicates the cover and a large article to the Cultural Center Roberto Gritti, designed by DAP studio and Paola Giaconia >>>

22.03.11 /
Mies van der Rohe Award 2011
The European Commission and Mies van der Rohe Foundation announced the works nominated to the European Architecture Prize for Contemporary Architecture. Elsa Morante Library is one of the selected project >>>

20.03.11 /
DAP studio on
Cultural Center in Ranica on February 2011 >>>

18.03.11 /
Cultural Center in Ranica on DDN March 2011
DDN / Design Diffusion News presents the project in a article entitled The courtyard in Ranica >>>

15.03.11 /
Scenario urbano in un borgo medievale
The Cultural Center in Ranica published on City Project n. 26, March 2011 >>>

02.03.11 /
Charitable dinner for Nutriaid
For the second year DAP studio collaborates on the organization of a charity performance in aid of the Turinese Onlus. Thi year the event will be held at the Sole 24 Ore headquarters

28.02.11 /
The Cultural Center in Ranica , project of the week on Progetti e Concorsi n. 8
The building, Luca Molinari writes on the Edilizia e Territorio magazine, shows that good architecture has the power to create identity >>>

22.02.11 /
Abitare presents the Cultural Center in Ranica
On Abitare website Fabrizio Gallanti presents the project and writes about DAp studio strong commitment to the public works design >>>

18.02.11 /
Young Italian Architects and OAB awarded
Mostra + Brain storming chaired by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi

15.02.11 /
Cassano d’Adda Security Center and Auditorium: outset of the construction works
The construction works of the Center designed by DAP studio in 2009 have been at last started out The civic centre comprises of three distinct volumes that define a large square, it is not only a service centre for the town community but also a gathering place: the picture proposed is that of a “town” in which the volumetric equilibrium between the buildings and the integration of internal and external spaces is decisive.

30.01.11 /
Opening of SGR Swiss & Global Headquarters in Milan
The new offices of the swiss group, about 1200 mq on 4 levels, have been designed by DAP studio. The strong characterization of the historical building is set beside the abstractness of inner surfaces and volumes

22.01.11 /
OAB Award 2011
The OAB Night is the event organized by the Architects Association of Bergamo at the Kilometro Rosso place. The OAB Award to the best public building 2000-2010 has been assigned to the Civic Center Roberto Gritti in Ranica >>>

20.01.11 /
Dalla Biennale ai Frigoriferi
DAP studio participates in the exhibition of 40 models from the 12. Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. The event is at Open Care , Frigoriferi Milanesi from the 20th to the 27th of Genuary

19.11.10 /
A.Prize Award 2011
Public Library Elsa Morante, selected project DAP studio is one of the ten finalist agencies nominated for the A. Prize Award, promoted by Exposinergy and patronized by la Triennale di Milano >>>

01.11.10 /
TDA Award 2010
The Lonate Ceppino Civic Library received a special mention in relation to the TDA Restoration Award, promoted by the Umpli Association >>>

15.10.10 /
DAP studio on Progetto&Pubblico, October
Progetto&Pubblico, the Oice official magazine, dedicates the cover and an article to the Library designed by DAP studio for Castellanza Municipality >>>

01.10.10 /
Iter project,
The project promoted by Lombardia, Piemonte, Liguria, Emilia Romagna Regions in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano proposes architectural tours from ‘900 to the present time DAP studio is present with the Castellanza Civic Library (Metamorfosi section) and with Ferretti International Headquarters (Tempo section)

01.10.10 /
The Castellanza Library on Re-Use Architecture
The Swiss Publishing House Braun dedicates a volume, by Chris van Uffelen, to the architectural restoration theme. DAP studio represents Italy with the Public Library in Castellanza >>>

23.06.10 /
ArchitectsParty / 2010.
Architects Party, the aperitive-based evening in the architects offices, is touring seven different italian cities in 2010. Tonight the event takes place at Dap Studio. All events are by invitation only. >>>

23.06.10 /
12th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia
DAP studio participates in the exhibition “AILATI. Reflections from the future” conceived by Luca Molinari for the Padiglione Italia. The preview will take place on August, 26th, 27th, 28th 2010 >>>

30.05.10 /
Perspective, Venezia Lido 30/05 - 02/06 2010
DAP studio participates in Perspective 2010, an event promoted by The Plan magazine Perspective is a meeting platform for architects, developers and companies

27.05.10 /
“Bandi e Concorsi” conference, Bergamo Architects Association
The conference intends to promote urban quality through architecture competitions. It will be presented a selection of projects that includes two DAP studio recent works: the bridge on Serio river in Nembro and the Civic Center Roberto Gritti in Ranica >>>

10.05.10 /
Inarsind/Arch+ Award “ The integrated project”
The Castellanza Civic Library, designed by DAP studio in collaboration with Luciano Cancellerini and Cesare Carnelli is one of the three projects awarded by Inarsind/Arch+

03.05.10 /
Interview by Alessandra Coppa to DAP studio on
The interview is about the Castellanza Civic Library, designed by DAP studio after the restoration of an industrial building located along the Olona river >>>

23.03.10 /
Fundraising dinner in favour of Goma children
DAP studio holds a dinner in support of Nutriaid, a No-Profit organization that helps children with malnutrition issues in Africa. Thanks to everybody who contributed to this event >>>

20.02.10 /
Civic Centre opening in Ranica
Ranica Municipality inaugurates today the Cultural Centre Roberto Gritti, designed by DAP studio with Paola Giaconia, Giambattista Scolari and Hilson Moran Italia. >>>

12.02.10 /
“Bergamo project 2015”, Expo Real Estate & Tourism
Today Pietro Barachetti and Gianfederico Belotti present their book about the future of the town, with a view to Expo 2015 . DAP studio contributed to this publication with a text about the main arteries to the city center >>>

24.11.09 /
Interaction and intefrence, AND n 16
The quarterly magazine AND, in the September/December number, publishes the article “Interaction and inteference” by Azzurra Macrì about DAP studio work >>>

24.11.09 /
DAP studio on Mark n 22
An article by Monica Zerboni presents DAP studio on the international Architecture magazine Mark, a spin-off of Frame Magazine >>>

24.11.09 /
Architecture Table, Barbara Cappochin Award
Zaha Hadid has designed the 20 meter long wooden table for Cavour Square in Padua that it is used to showcase the best projects of the 2009 Barbara Cappochin Biennale. DAP studio is included in this selection that will be presented in other Italian towns, in Paris, in London and in Tokyo during the 2011 World Congress of Architecture >>>

23.11.09 /
The role played by old farmsteads in Expo 2015 project
Today “Progetti e Concorsi” del Sole24Ore n. 45 publishes a DAP studio article about the restoration and conversion of old farmsteads in Lombardia and, particulraly, in the Lodigiano area >>>

21.11.09 /
International architecture exhibition Piranesi Award. Piran, Slovenja
The International architecture exhibition Piranesi Award shows recent projects by Central Europe architects. This year, Italy is represented also by DAP studio with the project of Elsa Morante Library in Lonate Ceppino >>>

19.11.09 /
Contractworld 2010
The AIT-Architektursalon Hamburg opens today the “Contractworld preview” , an exhibition that shows all the “contractworld. Award” shortlisted projects. DAP studio is present with the project of Elsa Morante Library >>>

18.11.09 /
European Aluminium in Renovation Award, Bruxelles
This Award is an initiative of the Building Group of the European Aluminium Association (EAA) in cooperation with Aluminium Associations in 14 European countries. >>>

05.11.09 /
e-architect /Architecture news + views from around the globe
Lonate Ceppino Library has been published by the web site >>>

30.10.09 /
Build-on / Converted architecture and transformed buildings
Two DAP studio projects are included in the new volume by the Berlin publishing house Gestalten. It is a selection curated by Lukas Feireiss, that illustrates the creative richness of contemporary conversion practices in architecture >>>

26.10.09 /
DAP, Civic Centre and open offices to the city in Cassano d’Adda
In “Progetti e Concorsi” del Sole24Ore n. 41 the presentation of DAP studio project for the new Civic Centre in Cassano d’Adda.

13.10.09 /
DAP studio at the Architects Association of Varese
This evening DAP studio presents a selection of recent projects at the Architects Association of Varese, in via Gradisca 4 >>>

09.10.09 /
DAP studio on Ottagono 224
Another publication Elsa Morante Library. The project is shown by Elena Vai in the October number of Ottagono >>>

09.09.09 /
Italia Architettura 1
DAP studio has been selected by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi in the book “Italia Architettura 1”, the first volume of a new Utet publishing line

28.07.09 /
Alluminium in Renovation Award, 2009
DAP studio is the italian winner and it will be proposed as candidate in the european competition “2009 European Aluminium in Renovation”

15.07.09 /
Gubbio Award, 2009
ANCSA, the National Association of Historical-Artistic Centres, awarded DAP studio with the honourable mention. In the judging commission Guido Canali, Vincenzo Latina, Franco Purini

05.07.09 /
DAP studio in Edilizia e territorio – Progetti e Concorsi n 25
A feature by Luca Molinari illustrates DAP studio last project

05.07.09 /
Abitare, luglio 2009
Elsa Morante Library has been introduced by Fabrizio Gallanti on Abitare magazine

10.06.09 /
DAP studio participates in the Open Studio 2009, event organized by Triennale Architettura.
The office will be open to the public on Friday June 11th and on Friday June 18th from 2 pm to 8 pm

09.06.09 /
Elsa Morante Library
Elsa Morante Library has been published on, The Architectural Review web site

18.05.09 /
Gold Medal for Italian Architecture Award
Today, at the Triennale di Milano, the public announcement of winners with press conference and opening of exhibition displaying winning and finalist projects. DAP studio, with the project of the Civic Library Elsa Morante, is one of the selected projects for the honourable mention referring the category “Culture and Leisure,” >>>

10.04.09 /
Elsa Morante Library on Archinfo web site
A new presentation of the Elsa Morante Library on the “Il Sole 24 Ore” architecture and design web site >>>

10.04.09 /
Abitare web site presents Elsa Morante Library
It’s published, on the Abitare web site, a presentation of the Elsa Morante Library in Lonate Ceppino >>>

10.04.09 /
The hand of the architect
DAP studio takes part in “The hand of the architect” by alterstudio partners and FAI. The event features 400 drawings and sketches by 110 architects, donated to FAI as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi. The exhibitions will be held at Villa Necchi Campiglio, the Triennale Bovisa and the headquarters of the magazine Abitare since the 18th of april 2009. The drawings will then be auctioned to raise funds for FAI in collaboration with Sotheby’s >>>

03.04.09 /
Urban renovation, Rho
The surrounding area of Terrazzano Cemetery, in Rho, has been involved in a urban renovation project The Terrazzano district is far from the historical centre and it is characterized by many infrastructures. They are a physical barrier but also offer many development opportunities. Our aim is to improve the accessibility and the public spaces system with a project that respects and accentuates the place significance

30.03.09 /
Elsa Morante Library
The construction of Elsa Morante Library in Lonate Ceppino has been completed. The intervention aimed to restore an historical pre-existing building revolved around the creation of a new building, narrow and long, that runs parallel to the existing one. A presentation of the building has been published on the Yearbook of World Architecture. >>>

18.03.09 /
Concorso per la riqualificazione di piazza Vittorio Emanuele III a Dal mine
Si è classificato terzo il progetto presentato da DAP studio nell’ambito del concorso promosso dal Comune di Dal mine per la riqualificazione di alcuni spazi urbani

08.02.09 /
Security Centre and Auditorium in Cassano d’Adda
In february 2009 the project of a new civic centre in Cassano d’Adda has started up. The buildings will house different activities and public services, the construction works will be started at the end of 2009 This project is an important opportunity to redefine a strategic area in Cassano.

31.01.09 /
One – family house in Capriate
DAP studio is working at the project of one- family house in Capriate. The building will be built on a trapezoidal site that is part of a parcelling out in Capriate. The volumetrical concept of the project is expressed by a rigid concrete structure enclosing more flexible volumes covered with wood >>>

15.10.08 /
Just brought out “Young Blood – Italian talented people awarded in the world - Annual 2007” by Iron publishing house
DAP studio is included in the Architecture section with “Edificio 3dC” , the office building winner in the competition organized by Pirelli Re in the Bicocca area of Milan >>>

10.10.08 /
“Small+Modern+Urban = Home”
published by Collins Design collects small housing projects set in various cities in the world. Milan is present with a project by DAP studio, a residence on the fourteenth floor of a tower in the hearth of the city

03.06.08 /
DAP studio participates in the Open Studio 2008, event organized by the Triennale Architettura.
The office will be open to the public on Friday June 13th from 3 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday June 14th from 10 am to 4 pm

25.04.08 /
The Castellanza Library project has been published in the new book by Giuliana Casartelli e Marco Muscogiuri “La biblioteca nella città. Architettura del servizio, architettura dell'edificio”
The book includes the results of the conference organized by AIB Sezione Lombardia in 2006 at the Politecnico of Milan >>>

15.04.08 /
New collaborator
We need a new collaborator that will deal with surveys, administrative and organisation matters. For more information please contact Dap studio.

27.09.07 /
Dap studio has been invited to participate in the competition organised by Landsbanki Islands hf
The icelander bank has chooseed a ristrict group of architects for the project of his new headquarters in Reykjavik. Some other practises in the selected group: David Chipperfield Architects, Coop-Himmelblau, Dominique Perrault, UN studio >>>

20.08.07 /
The extension works of Ferretti International headquarters in Dalmine have been completed and the building has been recently inaugurated
The new area houses a large meeting room with a glass roof and a new operative sector >>>

18.07.07 /
Dap studio wins the competition organized by Pirelli Re in the Grande Bicocca area
The competition on invitations concerns the realisation of new offices of 4.500 mq that will be built in Milan, in place of the “ Portineria Ansaldo” bulding >>>

10.10.06 /
Inaugurated the construction site of the Ranica Civic Centre. The building designed by Dap studio and Paola Giaconia will house the Public Library, an auditorium, offices for associations and a child care centre

10.10.06 /
The Lonate Public Library is under construction
The realisation of the new site needs the restoration of an old building and the construction of a new volume including stairs, lift and a service area >>>

02.10.06 /
Dap studio participates at the conference “La biblioteca nella città. Architettura del servizio, architettura dell'edificio” and presents the Castellanza Public Library , Politecnico of Milan, lecture room E.N. Rogers h. 9.30